Let’s talk about sex… education

Finally, we’re having an actual conversation about sex ed in schools. The government, NGO’s, parents and teachers pledged their support for better sex education after Hentikan!!

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Law and order

The new child sexual crimes bill will be tabled in Parliament next week. Here’s what we already know.

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Grooving to old beats

Thanks to a few passionate young musicians, traditional music is getting a new lease of life.

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Malaysian webcomic commentary

Social media has made it possible for Malaysian webcomic artists to try and change the world – one strip at a time.

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Baking her way from PJ to LA

Malaysian home baker Jennifer Pou has baked her way to a job with an acclaimed pastry chef in Republique bistro, Los Angeles.

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Never Forgotten

SEVERAL weeks ago, Lim Chung Bee, 93, sat down to tell R.AGE the remarkable story of how he survived being a prisoner of war in Japan during World War II. As his loving grandchildren listened on, he spoke of how he was captured en route to Darwin, Australia in 1942 while serving with the British […]

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Finding humanity during WWII

Despite the cruelty during the Occupation of Malaya, young Siti Hasmah found humanity in the Japanese invaders.

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Bittersweet lessons from WWII

The grandchildren of Malayan WWII survivors discover – and learn – from their grandparents’ wartime pasts.

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Journalist Chris Lau tells us what it’s like reporting from Syria

Young Malaysian Chris Lau has been reporting from the frontlines of conflict zones since he was a college student, telling stories of lives decimated by war.

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Peer-to-peer career in the gig economy

Young Malaysians are using technology to work where and when they like, which are just some of the pros of the gig economy

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