Gaga oohlala

Lady Gaga is my favourite popstar. In August, three friends and I took a cab down to Singapore (its a looooong story) to catch her in concert.

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Blog shopping

I should start out by being honest – I don’t shop online much. I have a thing for trying stuff on before I actually buy it, which makes my taste in clothes somewhat… pricier than most.

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The ‘In’ crowd

Have you always wanted to hang with the ‘in’ crowd? To blow air kisses, act excited to see people you hardly know and leer in jealousy at models?

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Bad bangs

Even as I was writing this article, I had already decided on getting my fringe cut. I’ve always sort of known that whenever I go to a saloon, I have to believe the worst is going to happen, so that the outcome is positive. The colour touch-up worked out great, and now my hair is […]

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Bangin’ time

My eldest brother, for some inexplicable reason, hates bangs (or fringe, as they say in Britain).

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Shopping woes

Ever had one of those moments where you discover an excellent buy at an awesome discount and the item is the last one in your size?

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ANTM book giveaway!

You’re here because you heard about the contest. Nice one!

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Why we love Halloween

When else can you throw on gawdawful makeup, fishnet stockings and wear your lingerie out?

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Fashion, beauty and modelling

How awesome is it that just days before our new blogs are set to debut, I am involved in a Fashion show? Now how’s that for a bangin’ first post.

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