Laughter is the best medicine

YouTuber Anwar Hadi has some recommendations to help you laugh in a great 2017.

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Next level travel

Stay on top of your travel game in technologically-advanced Tokyo with these awesome apps.

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A year in R.AGE documentaries

Our Top 12 R.AGE documentaries from the last 12 months. Bring on 2017!

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Passing the torch: WWII Freedom fighter

Having two generations of freedom-fighters and political changemakers in the family, these teens want to make their own mark, too. Their grandfather’s tales of fighting against the Japanese Occupation have inspired them.

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Kuala Lumpur at war

Former child labourer John Robson witnessed a public execution at the old Pavilion Theatre in Kuala Lumpur. It was only one of many atrocities committed throughout the Japanese Occupation.

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Student Contributions

Since the launch of the Last Survivors, university students have gone out in search of their own survivors, to film and document their stories before they’re lost forever.

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How to be kind online

Because being kinder is bueno.

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“Sorry I’m mansplaining”

Our columnist Dr Jason Leong has a message to all girls: you can be whatever you want to be!

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Tackling abuse by people in positions of trust

The entire country has to step up to help end child sexual crimes, not just Parliament.

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Video production Interview Adrian Yap Malaysia

Video portraits of Malaysian inspiration

The four young creatives behind Passion Portraits hope to make a difference by telling inspiring personal stories across Malaysian.

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