Fitness YouTuber Joanna Soh hopes to empower women

Fitness trainer Joanna Soh is empowering women around the world through her self-produced online videos.

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Olympics Rio 2016 Olympic Games

How Google Maps is changing Rio de Janeiro’s favelas

The slum-like favelas in Olympic city Rio de Janeiro are slowly progressing as Google helps local businesses by putting them on the map – literally.

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CHARM-ing the cheer scene

Cheerleaders across the region gave their best at the 2016 CHARM Cheerleading Championships.

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Award-winning Filipino filmmaker conducts workshop

Filipino filmmaker John Torres wants to inspire young Malaysian directors in the upcoming Next New Wave workshop.

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Family safety in a digital era

Digi and P.S. The Children are working together to protect families through a workbook and a digital safety app.

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YouTube Content Creators Video Online Prodigee Entertainment Media Digital Namewee

An interview with Fred Chong, the man behind Namewee

Fred Chong has gone from an engineer to the founder and CEO of an digital entertainment company with offices in nine major cities across Asia.

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United we stand

The National Unity Youth Fellowship is currently in its second edition and since last year, has been developing young Malaysians to be the champions of a moderate Malaysian.

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100% Project, Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding classroom dreams into reality

Run by young Malaysians, The 100% Project is crowdfunding classroom dreams into reality – and the public has a chance to contribute.

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Youth projects for a unified nation

Here’s a look at the two projects organised by NUYF’s fellows in the spirit of national unity.

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100% Project, Crowdfunding

Other awesome 100% Projects

Check out some of the successful crowdfunded projects the 100% Project has worked on.

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