Writing for a change

In an historic move, Members of Parliament from various parties will come together today to support the war against child sexual crimes.

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Support systems for child survivors

The seminar discussed some of the support services currently available, and the need for improvement.

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UN-ited in ending child sexual crimes

R.AGE speaks to the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General on Violence against Children.

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The business of doing good

Young female social entrepreneurs share why Malaysia is one of the best places in the world to grow their careers.

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Talking taboo

A new documentary on paedophilia in Malaysia premieres today, and R.AGE speaks to its director and executive producer Justin Ong.

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Let’s talk public and economic policy

Young and completely disinterested in economic policy? Well, this year’s Perdana Fellows hope to change that with the inaugural Youth Economic Forum.

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Malaysian Minister wants chemical castration for pedophiles

The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry is considering a controversial form of punishment to tackle child sexual crimes.

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Countering child crimes

Here are some issues that will be covered under the proposed Child Sexual Crimes Bill.

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Parents of child advocates speak up

It’s not easy being a child advocate, but it can be equally challenging for their parents.

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Sexual abuse victims share their stories with R.AGE

Sexual abuse survivors have been sharing their stories with R.AGE, hoping it will help others who are going through what they did.

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