Predator on the silver screen

R.AGE online documentary series Predator In My Phone was given an extended screening thanks to the Malaysian Documentary Society.

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Mobile, WeChat, Chat Apps, Line, BeeTalk, Child sexual exploitation, pedophiles

Dangerous connections

Chat apps like WeChat and BeeTalk are designed to appeal to teenagers, but that also makes them a perfect hunting ground for child sex predators.

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The lion dance brotherhood

Lion dancers rely on a combination of brotherhood, teamwork and discipline to put on a successful show.

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Spotlight on Yayasan Chow Kit’s refugee children

A photography exhibition by refugee and undocumented children displays the harsh realities of their lives.

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Young Lions, Kun Seng Keng, Lion dance, World Champion

Lion dance champ

World-class lion dancer Low Tong Sheng strives to put on a good show every time he wears the lion costume.

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How lion dance costumes are made

The story of a young man who spent the last ten years training to be one of the few remaining artisans that build lion dance costumes.

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Saddiq speaks up

This debate champion wants to make a difference, and he is not afraid to express his opinions even outside the debate hall.

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Food Fight finale recipes

The R.AGE Food Fight finalists explain their brilliant original dishes and how they incorporated palm oil in them.

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VIDEO: Malaysian students share creative money-saving tips

Malaysian students get creative when it comes to saving money to cope with an increasing cost of living.

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University students shine in Samsung tech competition

University students prove their mettle by developing innovative tech solutions to everyday problems in the Samsung Solve For Tomorrow competition.

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