“I’M not an expert. Please don’t call me an expert,” said Malaccan heritage enthusiast Colin Goh, 68, while expertly explaining the history behind his home city during a tour of the 220-year-old shop house he has helped to preserve as a museum. So, he’s clearly a modest man, but that hasn’t stopped him from being [...]

IMAGINE finding and walking through a secret tunnel in Malacca, and being transported back to the days of Admiral Cheng Ho. That’s the experience Cheng Ho Cultural Museum assistant general manager Kok Kee Boon hopes to create. The idea came about after Kok found a sealed-up doorway hidden behind a huge cabinet at the former [...]

THERE’S something incredibly fascinating about Peranakan Chinese culture, especiallybecause of its convergence of different ethnic traditions, and the extravagant lifestyles of its people in days gone by. And there’s probably no better place to learn about and experience that culture than the Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum in Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, better known [...]

Get in touch!

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IF you’re a BRAT from way back when and you wanna get in touch with us or get involved in the programme again, drop us an email at! You could be a “BRATs senior” facilitator at one of our upcoming workshops, write some stories for these pages, or even offer some help to our [...]

Blast from the past

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By LIM MAY LEE WHEN you have a bunch of some of the country’s best teen journalists running through the streets of historic Malacca city, cameras, notepads and smartphones in hand, you know some awesome stories are going to emerge. The latest edition of The Star’s BRATs camp saw a new batch of aspiring [...]

Photo wars

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By BRYAN TERNG AS a self-proclaimed introvert, 28-year-old Malaysian Christy Yeoh treats her camera as her voice – a medium to tell stories that can’t be put into words. As an independent humanitarian relief worker, Yeoh has helped victims of natural disasters since 2006. During those missions, she’d take extremely moving photos of the [...]

TO know where you are going, you must first know where you came from,” said Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum curator Melissa Chan, 34, quoting Dennis De Witt, author of History of the Dutch in Malaysia. And that was part of the reason why Melissa, a fifth-generation Peranakan Chinese, decided to quit her job in [...]

1. He was an eunuch. The young Cheng Ho was recruited to serve in the imperial palace when he was 12 or 13. The catch – all boys or men who served in the palace had to be castrated. 2. His descendants are now living in Thailand. But wait – wasn’t he a eunuch? “His [...]


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MEET the latest members of our BRATs young journalist programme – the participants of BRATs Malacca 2014! All the stories on Malacca you’ve just read were produced by these talented young people (with some help from *ahem* the awesome journalists from R.AGE), and you can also check out their videos on the R.AGE YouTube channel [...]

More photos by the participants of BRATs Malacca 2014. Enjoy!