The “Predator Act”

The Predator In My Phone team at R.AGE has consulted a whole list of NGOs and experts to create a draft of our proposed laws against grooming.

– Any person aged 18 and above (named A from here on) communicates or meets with another person believed to be under the age of 16 (named B from here on) for the purpose of sexually exploiting B.
– A commits an offence, when by any means of communication, communicates with B for the purpose of having sexual intercourse or other sexual relations with B, or to harass B sexually in another manner.
– A persuades or incites B, by any means of communication, to perform sexual acts or to send sexually explicit materials. It doesn’t matter whether they take place or not.
– A causes B to watch sexual acts, or even engage in them in front of B.
– A travels with the intention of meeting B in any part of the world, or arranges to meet B in any part of the world with the intention of having sexual intercourse or other sexual activity.

*Why 16?
– The age of 16 and below appears to be the international standard for consent of sexual activity.
– In Malaysia, 16 is the age at which a female can consent to sex with a male.

MPs Against Predators

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