The war against digital demons

Parents need to take more responsibility in empowering and raising awareness in their children, about the dangers of sexual predators online.

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Pedophiles, Paedophiles, Sex, Abuse, Phone, WeChat, Predators, Rape

Grooming and The Danger Signs: Frequently Asked Questions

Unicef answers some regularly asked questions about child sexual grooming.

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Changing the law to protect children and combat online grooming

How can you help change the law to protect children.

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Thank you for pledging!

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Pedophiles, Paedophiles, Sex, Abuse, Phone, WeChat, Predators, Rape

Why we need anti-grooming laws

We researched anti-grooming laws around the world and asked local police and NGO’s why it’s important to have them here.

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Pedophiles Child Sex Predators Paedophiles

To catch a child sex predator

Child sex predators are out there trawling mobile chat apps. R.AGE goes undercover.

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My undercover date with a sex predator, Vol. 2

Fast food, friendly conversation and a very indecent proposal.

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My undercover “date” with a sex predator Vol. 1

Disguised as a 15-year-old, I befriended and met up with a sex predator in his late 30s. To gain my trust, he told me a horrifying secret.

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Campaign for anti-grooming laws

R.AGE and Unicef are coming together to encourage Malaysians to pledge for much-needed anti-grooming laws to protect our children.

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