In 2016, investigative journalists with R.AGE started receiving reports that young Bangladeshi men and women were being cheated and trafficked to Malaysia - through private colleges.

To uncover the truth about these syndicates, the journalists spent over a year undercover, infiltrating the colleges, speaking to the trafficking agents, and following their trail all the way to the “epicentre of the student trafficking trade” - Dhaka, Bangladesh.

They uncovered a booming trade worth millions of dollars, leaving behind a trail of devastated families and ruined lives.


Read the full multimedia story, plus all the news reports we’ve released throughout the campaign.


These students are recruited through lies, charged exorbitant fees and extorted for more money along the way, often ending up in situations identical to victims of human trafficking.


From Kuala Lumpur to Dhaka, R.AGE encountered these college agents who promote to students a chance to work and study. But sometimes, their promises seem too good to be true.

Experience what it’s like being a student trafficking victim through this simple interactive journey.
Find out how victims become so quickly entangled in the traffickers’ web.

Help put an end to student trafficking. Report a case on our map of student trafficking to help chart the movement of these syndicates, or sign the petition.

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