Pentatonix tickets are up for grabs!

Win two passes to the Pentatonix On My Way Home tour concert, happening at Stadium Negara, May 30, 2015!

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Are you ready for CHEER 2015?

Because it is BACK and ready to blow everybody’s minds with a new venue and format!

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Win AIA Generasi Malaysia concert passes!

Wanna catch Shila Amzah, Gary Chaw and Reshmonu? Find out how you can win passes to the AIA Generasi Malaysia concert!

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Stress-free date nights

The founders of a new dating website hope to make date nights a breeze for busy urban couples.

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How porn messes you up

Porn has become so widely accepted among young people today, and yet many of them are oblivious to its pitfalls.

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Porn link to crime

Real cases tying Malaysians to smut – in a very bad way.

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R.AGE with the PM 2.0

We attended our second youth dialogue with the Prime Minister this year, bringing up a few important issues and suggestions.


My ‘attempt’ at being a sugar baby

R.AGE journalist Lim May Lee went undercover as a sugar baby to see how easy it is to find a sugar daddy in Malaysia — and it sure wasn’t hard.


Super market star

Eight Malaysian celebs hop aboard CELEB.TRADR, a thrilling eight-week crash course in trading, armed with RM15,000 and a financial wizard each.

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The sorting hat has spoken

Find out whose team you’re on for the upcoming BRATs camp!

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You’ve been scammed

They’ve got fancy websites and amazing services but as one student found out, companies selling assignments online are often cheaters.

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Room for racism

Do most homeowners discriminate prospective tenants based on race? Here’s what real estate agents had to say.

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BRATs Raub participants selected!

The first BRATs camp of 2015 will involve baby elephants and straight-up luxury at the six-star Casabrina resort.

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Cream of the crop

Check out the teams at StartupHouse and the apps they’re working on.

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Cover story

Room for racism

College students looking to rent rooms/houses are facing racial discrimination.

Experiment: How our reporter was rejected for being Indian

R.AGE chief reporter Abirami writes about the constant rejection she faced on the house rental market because of the colour of her skin.

Update: Young realtors making a stand against racism

After our story came out, a group of young realtors decided to play their part in discouraging racism on the real estate market.

Singing in NYC

Irma Seleman talks about her music, debut album and crowdfunding, all happening in the city that never sleeps – New York.

Cover story

Coffee careers

Malaysia has gone coffee crazy! Here’s how you can turn your love for the beverage into a full-time career.

#Throwback: Coffee entrepreneurs

Our interview last year with Joey Mah, who went from moonlighting for free as a barista to the co-owner to two cafes and Artisan Roastery.


Speaking to the skipper

Boat skipper Tamryn Burger dismantled, reassembled and sailed a yacht from Croatia to Langkawi – and it was all in a day’s (more like 40 days’) work.

Get Personal

Our interview series with Malaysia’s most awesome young people.

Editor’s pick

SEA of talent

Some of South East Asia’s top young filmmakers talk to R.AGE about the constant challenges they face.


Mountain treasures

The traditional culture of the Karen tribe in Thailand makes it slightly harder for children to realise their aspirations. Thankfully, World Vision Thailand is there to help.

Pot culture

R.AGE delves into the world of college marijuana dealers in Malaysia

Weeding out the myths

Datuk Dr Andrew Mohanraj addresses some marijuana myths.

Interview with an ex-marijuana dealer

Meet the 20-year-old law student who sold his first batch of illegal substances when he was 16.


Malaysia’s awesomest young journalist programme.

Stories by BRATs

Lights, camera, BRATs!

Buckle up, we’re going to Johor Baru.

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Shining a spotlight

Secondary school students finally have a chance to gain recognition in the performing arts scene.

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Cooking for the planet

Aspiring chefs were encouraged to join the global anti-food wastage revolution.

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Johor, here we come!

Brace yourselves – we’re planning a BRATs invasion of Johor.

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My BRATs Experience: Nathelie Yong and Lydia Lee

Two crazy, rather noisy girls, fresh out of high school; one skipped college classes to come, the other waiting on art school.

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Colourful characters

Three popular anime singers talk about the appeal of anisongs.

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