Crimes against hear-manity

More young people are listening to deafeningly loud music with dire consequences – they could permanently lose their hearing.

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Five young people get their hearing tested!

They’re guilty of listening to loud music. But has their hearing been compromised already?

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Photography 101 at the Canon EOS Academy

Aspiring shutterbugs looking to increase their knowledge can now turn to Canon EOS Academy’s photography workshops.

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Occupational hazard

When ‘Umbrella Revolution’ leader Joshua Wong was deported from Malaysia, he called someone to take his place — 17-year-old Prince Wong.

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What it’s like covering Le Mans, the biggest race on earth

Our editor Ian Yee experiences the 24 Hours of Le Mans race for the first time, and is blown away by the sheer scale of the event.

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Asean Values

Awareness about the Asean region is high, according to the Asean Awareness Survey 2014. But what does this translate to?

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The CHEER Celebrity Supporter project

A group of celebrities are showing their support for the local cheerleading community — and learning a few stunts along the way.

We’ve been bringing these awesome celebs for surprise visits at the schools of six deserving cheer teams, so they can learn more about the passion these kids have for the sport, and inspire them to keep chasing their cheerleading teams.

Kicking it with Pele

The greatest footballer of all time drops by Kuala Lumpur, and we were there to have a little Q&A sesh with him.

R.AGE videos

Cover story

Room for racism

College students looking to rent rooms/houses are facing racial discrimination.

Experiment: How our reporter was rejected for being Indian

R.AGE chief reporter Abirami writes about the constant rejection she faced on the house rental market because of the colour of her skin.

Update: Young realtors making a stand against racism

After our story came out, a group of young realtors decided to play their part in discouraging racism on the real estate market.

Singing in NYC

Irma Seleman talks about her music, debut album and crowdfunding, all happening in the city that never sleeps – New York.

Cover story

Coffee careers

Malaysia has gone coffee crazy! Here’s how you can turn your love for the beverage into a full-time career.

#Throwback: Coffee entrepreneurs

Our interview last year with Joey Mah, who went from moonlighting for free as a barista to the co-owner to two cafes and Artisan Roastery.


Speaking to the skipper

Boat skipper Tamryn Burger dismantled, reassembled and sailed a yacht from Croatia to Langkawi – and it was all in a day’s (more like 40 days’) work.

Get Personal

Our interview series with Malaysia’s most awesome young people.

Editor’s pick

SEA of talent

Some of South East Asia’s top young filmmakers talk to R.AGE about the constant challenges they face.


Mountain treasures

The traditional culture of the Karen tribe in Thailand makes it slightly harder for children to realise their aspirations. Thankfully, World Vision Thailand is there to help.

Pot culture

R.AGE delves into the world of college marijuana dealers in Malaysia

Weeding out the myths

Datuk Dr Andrew Mohanraj addresses some marijuana myths.

Interview with an ex-marijuana dealer

Meet the 20-year-old law student who sold his first batch of illegal substances when he was 16.


Malaysia’s awesomest young journalist programme.

Stories by BRATs

Oh my guard!

Water park manager Robert Harrison hopes to inspire lifeguards to reach their full potential

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Building blocks of empowerment

Lego Friends, an interactive musical, aims to help its young fans become more empowered and confident.

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Life of a lifeguard

Training every week, and standing in the
sun every day – but it’s a dream job!

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VIDEO: The process of baking with a wood fired oven

James Lim shows the BRATs from #TeamMayLee what a typical day is like in the world of traditional baking.

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The Sultan of Johor’s laundryman

Meet the couple behind Kedai Dobi Shanghai, a true treasure of Malaysian culture and heritage in Johor Baru’s historic Jalan Tan Hiok Nee.

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VIDEO: The past and present of Restoran Hua Mui

BRATs from #TeamVivienne discover how was Restoran Hua Mui like 46 years ago and some of its interesting features.

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