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Urbanscapes is back for its 14th year and R.AGE is the official media partner!

Check out our Urbanscapes homepage for more information about our documentary screenings, passes giveaway to some of the hottest gigs in town as well as the invite-only Hotel Takeover on May 1 at the Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel.

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The Last Survivors, Yap Chwee Lan, World War II, WWII, Johor Baru

The Last Survivors: Chwee Lan

Episode 5

14-year-old Yap Chwee Lan saved countless of people from execution during the Japanese Occupation of Johor Baru.

“A lot of them called out my name, begging me to save them. Then the Japanese asked if I knew these people,” she said.

“I said, ‘Yes, I do’. A lot of them lived in my neighbourhood. When I identified them, they were freed.”

Japan, Disaster, Education, Tsunami, Earthquake

Land of Rising Hope


Japan learned many painful lessons during the 2011 tsunami, and now they’re hoping to use those lessons to save lives around the world.

A group of young disaster education activists from different countries were brought on an education trip to Higashimatsushima, where over 1,000 people were killed and two thirds of the city was destroyed during the tsunami.

R.AGE reporter Shanjeev Reddy went along for the trip. Here’s what he found.

Virtual reality concert: Hujan


What the front row of a Hujan concert looks like in virtual reality. Stay tuned for more 360 videos.

We’ve been playing around with our favourite new toy – a 360 camera – throughout Urbanscapes, Malaysia’s biggest arts festival.

So subscribe to our YouTube channel, and get those VR headsets ready. We’re going for a ride…

R.AGE Asian Media Awards

R.AGE named best in Asia!

Well, second best actually…

Our documentary project, The Curse Of Serawan, won a silver award at the 2016 Asian Media Awards!

We’ve won quite a few international awards over the years – the World Young Reader Prize, Asian Digital Media Awards, A+M Marketing Excellence Awards, etc. – but this one feels totally next level.

Our (relatively) tiny team was up against some of the biggest news publishers from across the continent, so to win silver was a real surprise and honour.

Here’s to many more great stories =)

Kun Seng Keng

Young Lions


A R.AGE original series following Malaysia’s top young lion dancers during the busy Chinese New Year season, which could open the door to their dreams of competitive lion dancing.

But being a top competitive lion dancer is not easy. One of the young dancers we feature in this series is a five-time world champion, and he trains a grueling six hours a day.

The Men Who Carry Thaipusam


Kavadi porters are men who consider it a sacred duty to help pilgrims at Thaipusam carry their kavadis back after they’ve reached the temple.

R.AGE followed a group of kavadi porters during Thaipusam at Batu Caves, where the porters carry as many as five kavadis a day down the temple’s 272 steps.

R.AGE On Location: Manila


The first episode in our brand new travel series, following our journalists as they go on assignment around the world.

In Ep. 1, Ian, Shanjeev and Elroi travel to Manila, Philippines for the Asian Media Awards, where R.AGE won a silver award for The Curse Of Serawan.

They might only have been there for two days, but they still came up with 5 things you could do in Manila if you’re there for a short trip.

The Curse of Serawan

R.AGE spent four days deep in the jungles of the Royal Belum State park to investigate claims of a mysterious illness among the orang asli.

According to the orang asli, the disease they call “serawan” is responsible for countless deaths, many of them children.

A child passed away on the first day we arrived at the village, and another man showed us his daughter’s death certificate, dated a few months earlier. Yet, the authorities knew nothing about it when we presented our findings.

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Christmastime in the City

A R.AGE Christmas music special

Urban poverty is a huge problem in Malaysia. In Selangor, an incredible 30% of people are living below the poverty line.

Urban poor families are surrounded by rapid urban growth, but they are also victims of it. They struggle just to put food on the table for their children, who often get sucked into the same cycle of poverty.

So for Christmas, R.AGE decided to pool some money, got a few friends from the music scene together, and set out to surprise a few families by making their very simple holiday wishes come true. We hope it made their Christmas, as it did ours.


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R.AGE Asian Media Awards

R.AGE named best in Asia!

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