If you’re one for frightening heights and adrenaline-filled fun, prepare to get jealous of us, the lucky BRATs who got to experience Sky Trex and Sky Bridge first-handedly.

To get to the Sky Bridge, we first had to take the SkyCab cable car to the peak of Machincang mountain, then take a 10-minute trek through the forest. Although we were exhausted, the view was worth it though. At a staggering 660m above sea level, we could see as far as Thailand!

This bridge is suspended in mid-air by a single pylon. The top of this pylon is 687m high.

The bridge to have a bird's eye view of Langkawi.

The bridge to a bird’s eye view of Langkawi.

  At SkyTrex, we took on the challenge of completing the Eagle Thrill course which was no small task for scaredy-cats. After gearing up, we were briefed by one of the safety instructors about the safety procedures.

Rizal, one of the instructors, demonstrating an obstacle in the Eagle Thrill course.

The obstacle favoured by most of us is none other than the zip line. The zip line consists of a pulley suspended on a cable that is mounted on a slope. Basically, we just needed to attach the click-its and let gravity do its work. While sliding down, the calming breeze in our faces was worth the energy-consuming climb. As safety was everyone’s first priority, a test run of the equipments was compulsory.

Our task of the day waas to interview Syamsuri Ahmad, the park’s technical manager about his job. As Syamsuri explained to us the characteristic of plants found at the campsite, three of us tasted a plant named daun cemumar. It tasted tangy and spicy, kind of like curry leaves. And yes, we ate it straight off the tree!

Victoria, Maria and Divya trying out daun kemumar.

  We were also the only team that got to try out the fastest zip line in the entire course with a speed of 75km/hour! Check out Kenneth taking the ride!

Lucky us! #TeamMayLee rocks 🙂

Also, check out our video when our mentor May Lee freaked out on the journey uphill (Don’t kill us May Lee XD).

Not only was our mentor scared of heights, one of our teammates was also freaked out by it (We don’t even know why, it’s so ridiculous!) .

Star BRATs camp VLOG for DAY 2 Posted by Maria Murugiah on Friday, December 4, 2015



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