Letters From Prison

Young Malaysians in prison for drug smuggling share their hopes and regrets in handwritten letters to their families and the public.

Bala, 20

Promised RM1,000 in payment to help a friend "collect a debt" in Hong Kong, but given a bagpack with 250g heroin

Shirley, 17

Was offered a paid holiday, and given shoes with heroin (700g) hidden in the soles. Was 16 years old when arrested.

James, 19

Convicted for carrying 1.535g of Ketamine to Hong Kong on 28 Nov 2017


Imprisoned in Hong Kong for smuggling drugs. Regrets his actions and asks that people think of the consequences before committing a crime

Mei Kuan, 23

A too-good-to-be-true job offer promised RM8,000 for bringing a "gift" to Hong Kong. It turned out to be 1,000g of drugs

Mira, 29

Arrested with two other friends for trying smuggle over 600g of methamphetamine, arranged by a recruiter who met them in a club


A single mother of three who lost her freedom and a reputable job for trusting a "friend" whom she met online.


Imprisoned for past three years and counting, for drug trafficking to Hong Kong. Was told by the "Big Boss" that it was gold.

Simon, 25

Found with 2kg drugs strapped to his shoulders. He claims he was threatened and asked to comply.


Arrested for smuggling 2.5kg amount of "ice", together with two other friends, hidden in bras that were given to them by the recruiters

Amy, 30

Given female innerwear by a recruiter, who told her it held expensive items that needed to be transported that way. They turned out to be "ice"

Bala, 20

Promised RM1,000 in payment to help a friend "collect a debt" in Hong Kong, but given a bagpack with 250g heroin


On 27th May 2018, my friend who’s the one who recruited me called me around 8pm and asked me to meet him. We met at a restaurant and he asked me to help him go to Hong Kong for 3 days to receive a money he owned about RM5,000 (USD1,223). And I decided to b’cause he is my friend and I trust him. That was the biggest trap in my life. Plus, I decided to do this trip b’cause he said he will give me around RM1,000 (USD245) and that would help me pay my 2nd semester fees.

On 28th May 2018, morning around 9am, I was waiting for my friend’s boss who was the last time. I saw my mom and my grandma before ending up here. He picked me up and I got into the car and he introduced himself. The recruiter, gave me a bagpack and told me to keep it in my luggage. He comforted me there’s nothing suspicious in it while opening all the zips and yes there was nothing. So, I put the bagpack in the luggage, trusting him blindfoldedly, how dumb was I to do such a stupid thing, and we reached the airport. After an hour, I took the flight and it was my first flight trip. I reached the HK airport after 4 hours. That 4 hours was the last best moment.

Throughout the trip, I didn’t had any fears cause I didn’t knew I was carrying something illegal in the bagpack I received. All I doing was enjoying the first experience in flight, drinking wine and juice, and eating good food. After reaching the Hong Kong airport, I was stopped by the customs officer. She said she want to check my luggage, so without any hesitation or fear I gave it to her. Everything was going fine until she felt something unusual in the bagpack. She cut it and found something like white powder in it. It was sealed in the bagpack I carried. And I never seen a white powder before, so I didn’t know what was it. And I got handcuffed! I felt like is this a dream. I never been in trouble with the law back in Malaysia. So, it was totally a nightmare. Tears, flowing through my eyes like a river. And I was taken to the airport police station. After some hours, I was informed that it’s 295g of Heroine which is now 193g of Heroine. And then, after the court, I was sent to Pik Uk Correctional Institution where I am currently now. My case is now in the commital proceedings stage. And I’m pleading guilty because lack of evidence to fight the case. If I lose, I would face 8-9 years. So, the wisest choice i’m left with is pleading guilty and going for a less sentence.

Now, living/existing in this prison, it affects me so much. My studies. I was doing diploma in mechanical engineering and was looking forward to finish it in 2 ½ years. And then, become an under-water welder. But now, I’m not sure about my future nor my career. I don’t know when i’ll be out and what can I do at that time. As the eldest son in the family a lot. I have a single mother who’s working as a nurse, a brother who is doing IT course, and a sister who’s getting ready for her SPM. Now, my brother is working part-time to balance the financial status of my family. He’s supporting and helping mom and i’m ashamed cause it’s my responsibility as the eldest son. And for my mother, it’s been hard on her for these past months. She’s going through too much depression lately. I’m thankful for my grandmother who’s always taking care of her. Finally, about the recruiter, he’s a devil in human form. They don’t have heart. They don’t think about other people lifes. They just want their drug get trafficked in any possible way so they can live a luxurious life by ruining other people’s lives. And about the one who describe him. He’s my own friend. He asked for help and I was helping him. But he knew the plan he and his boss had in mind.

But still he kept silent. He stabbed me from the back. I don’t know how could he betray me. I don’t know how could he betray me. I don’t know either he’s guilty for what he did to me but his prison is his own guilt. And for me, sitting in a prison for a crime I never did is hell in real life. No one deserves this. To all the young Malaysians out there please be aware of whom you trust blindfoldedly. Trust is all it took to get me in here. So, please be careful. Don’t do DRUGS. Life with drugs, no life with all. Focus on studies and sports. Never do money in illegal way. Life is short and time is very fast. Spend it wisely. And remember family comes first. I realize it now. I miss them too much. I miss the food and the life I lived. Thank you to my family and friends who still trust me that I didn’t do this. You’re the ones keeping me on track and not lose my sanity in here. I love you guys. THANK YOU.

Shirley, 17

Was offered a paid holiday, and given shoes with heroin (700g) hidden in the soles. Was 16 years old when arrested.


7 April 2018

To Daddy & Mummy <3

The weather today is super cold. It’s only 16 degrees here at night.

It’s probably really hot back there. How are you and dad doing?

We haven’t met in a month. You all have probably lost a lot of weight. I’m sorry, you both must be worried, I still need to trouble you all to come and visit me, and I’m sure you all are not even familiar with the roads here.

Sigh, I’m so sorry I have not been fulfilling the responsibility of being a good daughter. I have not received your letters in a month, I’m really worried.

Have you all been busy dealing with my case, looking for lawyers? Sorry for troubling you all. I don’t even know when I will be back in Malaysia and I don’t know when I can meet you all.

I miss those moments when I was training, jogging, hanging out at night and having dinner with my friends.

Mum, do you remember last year in October, I was really good, I was always at home, do you know why? That’s because that girl doesn’t like me going out so much. I have only been in school and tuition, I didn’t go out much. No one has that power to control me, but it seems like only she’s the only one who can control me, and I have been obeying her.

Because of her, I have been really happy. The happiness she gave me was so special that I think I have not been this happy since I was little.

Your Love <3
(Day 28)

≪You’re not really happy≫ (A song title by GEM)
This song represents my feelings today :( I miss you all

James, 19

Convicted for carrying 1.535g of Ketamine to Hong Kong on 28 Nov 2017.


Dear God, thank you for blessing me, for nurturing me, consoling me, and helping me. Thank you for giving me the strength to go on in life.
I feel regret now, why did I choose this job? Was the money worth it?

I was born in Malaysia, and I am 19 years old. I commited a crime on Nov 28, 2017. That day, I had carried 1.535g of Ketamine.

I needed this money because my family is poverty-stricken. My father is old, my mother passed away.

When I accepted the job, I thought to myself, “For money, you only have to pass the gate.”
In the end, I still got caught by the immigration officer.

I don't know what to do. The police brought me to court, and my mind was in a mess. I didn’t want to be thrown into jail, but it was too late.

There is no going back after my mistake, only time can change everything.

I've arrived at the detention center, and I’ve been here for four months.

I hope Malaysians never fall into the same hole as I did. It is not worth it.

Don’t give your family, friends and time up just for a little amount of money. They are very precious, don’t worry them with your actions.

Every poor soul working in this line of work, stop and cease, lest it is too late for regrets.


Imprisoned in Hong Kong for smuggling drugs. Regrets his actions and asks that people think of the consequences before committing a crime.


To Father John,

My name is Lee

In August, I received your letter. But I don’t know English, so I did not reply to your messages.

I write this letter to you, Father John, to ask you for assistance. With regrets, I was really stupid when I decided to help smuggle drugs to Hong Kong.

I only want to get a normal job and spend time with my family. I want to be ordinary. But when you have done something wrong, going back is not a choice.

So, before doing wrong, give it lots of thought before you commit a sin. Think of the consequences before doing anything.

It is fine to be wrong, but it is not fine if you do not repent and admit to your mistakes.

Is every person free of sin? I believe every person has committed sin, even you, Father John.

If you repent and change, time will prove everything. I believe I can face this, and I can overcome this.

How are you, Father John? How’s your health? Why did you stop coming to the detention centre? I hope you can come and visit me.

I wrote this letter in Chinese because I do not know English. I hope you don’t mind.

May your health be everlasting.

Mei Kuan, 23

A too-good-to-be-true job offer promised RM8,000 for bringing a "gift" to Hong Kong. It turned out to be 1,000g of drugs.


20 January 2019

I’ve got your letter. My story is simple, I hope it will be helpful.
I don’t remember much of the details, I apologise for that.

I searched for jobs in the middle of September 2018 on Facebook. I unintentionally searched the “Illegal Groups” on Facebook and there were all kinds of job offers. I found a short post that said “Bringing gifts to another country, 3 days 2 nights, RM5,000-8,000 (USD1,222 - USD2,000), accommodation and meals included, serious offer.”

So I messaged him personally and when he responded, I asked him what kind of gifts, how much am I bringing, where am I supposed to bring it to, how many people am I going with, how high is the risk. I asked everything I could think of.

He answered: “White Powder, Hong Kong, I don’t know the amount, the percentage of danger depends on the person bringing it, approximately 5 to 8 people will be going along, you’ll place it in the soles of the shoes.”

I was enticed by the payment. I needed the money so I accepted this job. After I promised him, I waited for his message.

After a few days, he messaged me the time and location to meet. I took a taxi to that location.

After the meeting, he told me to get a plane ticket. He told me to ask the price, and to get the money from him to buy the ticket.

After buying the ticket, he asked me to give him my plane ticket and passport. He said he would return it to me on the day that we travel. Then we went home and waited for the day to come.

On that day, he sent me a location to wait in a hotel. He came at dawn and he took out some covered shoes from his backpack for me to wear. I wore it on the spot and he took a picture of me (I think it’s for his boss) so when he was satisfied, he gave me my passport, plane ticket and some pocket money (RM1,500 [USD367]).

It was time to go to the airport, so he left the hotel and I checked out. I called a taxi to the airport, and I checked in as soon as I reached.

I reached Hong Kong on September 29. When I arrived, I passed the custom counter and when I was about to leave the airport, the guards came and stopped me. They asked me to go to the customs department to assist in an investigation.

They checked my bag and searched my body. When I took off my shoe, the guards realised that there was something in my shoes, so they arrested me immediately.

After hearing what the guards and police said, and after recording a few statements, I was still very calm. I stayed at the detention centre for a day. On the second day, I stayed at the police station.

I was starting to feel afraid after being detained. I cried for a long time, and I was so tired from crying so much that I slept. But I did not even sleep for five minute when the police came and woke me up.

I did not bathe for two days. I was so uncomfortable. I miss my family, I miss my mother.

My mother didn’t know that I was arrested and I didn’t call her because I didn’t dare to, and I was afraid. I was worried that my mom couldn’t accept this fact. I can’t even accept it myself, and I’m just really afraid.

I felt fear. I was afraid, I was worried, I was helpless. I regret all of it, and I just wanna end it all.

The amount found was about 1,000 grams on two people. I am slowly getting used to the environment here. I even have a job here, although I still think a lot sometimes.

I feel useless, I can’t do anything right. I still blame and scold myself, I feel so bad. I ruined my own future. I’m only 23 years old, I can’t change anything, I don’t have a future.

I can’t imagine how heartbroken will my family be, I can’t accept this, and I cry everyday. Without me, my family blame themselves for not caring for me too, but I don’t want them to feel bad. I don’t want them to blame themselves, we’re just all in such a bad situation.

No opinion, he looks okay.

Mom, friends, sorry for disappointing all of you, sorry for worrying all of you.

Don’t be like me, don’t ruin your future, family and freedom just because of money.

That’s all.


Mira, 29

Arrested with two other friends for trying smuggle over 600g of methamphetamine, arranged by a recruiter who met them in a club.

Hai [R.AGE], I’m willing to share my experience as long as your team can protect our personal information including our family. We also allow The Star to publish the news report about the three of us in the newspaper and on The Star website, so that we can send The Star’s report to the judge and court in our appeal to reduce our sentences.

Here are some information that may help you:

How did we get recruited?
We met the recruiter when we attended a birthday party. I agreed to do that because I have owed a lot of debt to the “Ah Long” (money lender) for almost 3 years, which comes to a total of RM2,700 (USD660). Every month I need to pay the interest, which is RM570 (USD140) along with the basic RM150 (USD37). I was determined because I was not able to repay my debts. I also intended to fix my mother’s house in the village, which has become very old.

We were arrested at the International Hong Kong Airport Arrival Hall by some security guards in Customs. When we were arrested, the three of us were separated, and at that moment I felt very worried about my two friends, who are twins. We have been friends for 10 years. I treat them as my family. At that moment, I was only thinking about my friends’ situation, my mother and also my family. This is because my younger brother will be having a wedding ceremony in November 2018 which I unfortunately cannot attend. I also intend on saving some money for my younger brother’s wedding ceremony.

Three of us had brought drugs which is ICE about 2.5 kg. In February, our case will be shifted to Eastern Magistrates Court for Committal Proceedings.

Throughout our journey from Malaysia to Hong Kong, we kept praying. We were very scared but we pretended as if we were calm because we needed the money. The one who recruited us told us that the journey will be safe and nothing will happen because they had checked everything…

When I was arrested, I didn’t think of my future. I could only think about my mother’s situation. In the first three months after I was arrested, my siblings forced me to keep this a secret and to not let my mother know that this happened to me because my brother would have his wedding ceremony in November. So they did not want to let mother to feel upset and disappointed, as she was very happy for my brother’s wedding. After his wedding ceremony, they told my mother about my situation. But even until today, my mother still has no strength to talk to me. My mother can’t even read the letters or look at the pictures that I had sent. My mother’s willpower is gone. She also got sick. My siblings are very worried about my mother’s situation. I pray that my mother will recover and regain her usual energy.

My opinion about the person who recruited us is that they only thought about their own benefit without thinking about other people’s lives at risk. But it is also our fault for not thinking further, and for being blinded by the money that was offered.

There is something I want to say to my family, especially my mother. Mother, I miss you so much. Mother, please forgive me because I have disappointed you and made you fall sick. Mother, please be strong. Mother please go back to being happy and spirited like before. Look after your health, and you have to eat. Wait for me to come back. Pray for the three of us that our sentences will be reduced. To my older sister, older brother and younger brother, thank you for your support even though I have embarrassed the family. Younger brother, please forgive me because I couldn’t attend your wedding ceremony. Pray for the three of us ya. Please let our friends understand our situation, especially Min and Fatia who are willing to take care of our four cats. Thank you so much. Only God can repay all of our friends’ kindness.

The thing that I miss the most at home is taking care and playing with my 4 cats, that we’ve been taking care of for 7 years. I miss talking and making jokes with mother and my nephews and I miss you all.

The thing that we want to tell all Malaysians, especially teenagers, is to be careful of your associates and do not believe offers that are unbelievable. Don’t ever get involved in drug activities. Think about your family, especially your parents.

Me and and truly hope that we can get your help for requesting to reduce our sentences. Thank you.

From the regretful person,


A single mother of three who lost her freedom and a reputable job for trusting a "friend" whom she met online.

16 January 2019

Dear [R.AGE],

Greetings from Tai Lam Centre for Women.

I received your letter today, 16 Jan 2019. Thank you for taking these measures to protect young Malaysian getting caught in drug conspiracy which is spreading worldwide.

As per your letter’s request, I have asked Father John to forward to you my story and these attachments. I do sincerely hope that it will be helpful.

There are many innocent victims here in Hong Kong prison, praying for a redemption. Hopefully can find a way to free us.

Wishing you all the best in all your efforts.

Yours sincerely,



The status of my case?
My 1st hearing will be on the 31st Jan 2019. No status yet.

How this has affected you and your future
I have lost my job. I am away from my family. Unable to see them but thanks to the consulate of Malaysia for helping me to speak to my family frequently. I have lost my home. I am a single mother, the sole breadwinner of my family, now, I am unable to provide. I was attached to an Embassy, good reputation and family background, all lost in a blink of an eye for trusting someone that I considered as friend. I don't have a future anymore.

How this has affected your family?
My children is being taken care of by my parents. My father is retired government servant who is now taking care of my 3 children with his pension money. My family has to face the embarrassment because the surrounding will see their daughter/mother/sister/sister-in-law, as a convict without even knowing the truth. My children who had never been away from me is now left without a mother.

What you miss most about home?
Home is my life and I miss everything about it. My children, my parents, my life all gone in a split second

A warning to other young Malaysians who might accidentally end up in the same situation as you.
I urge all Malaysians to be careful with foreign friends who you are acquainted with through social media. Even if you think they are genuine friends, be careful because they might be fox in disguise. They wait for years before they show their true colours. They may be in Malaysia and you have good friendship/relationship - JUST BE CAREFUL. Life in prison is not a future.


Imprisoned for past three years and counting, for drug trafficking to Hong Kong. Was told by the "Big Boss" that it was gold.



Dear [R.AGE],

Thank you for your mail. I wish to share my case story and hopefully it would stop and shake those who might be tricked and become scapegoat for Drug Trafficking charge which consists relentless or huge sentence at Hong Kong. Since my case story is a long and complicated story, I’d like to suggest you to contact my solicitor who is a ‘Singaporean Tamil’ and he can speak fluent Malay, English and Cantonese. I’m sure he’ll be able to give you my case story and more information about the status of my case right now. Other than my case story, I’ll share all the relevant details that you wanted. Here’s the contact details of my solicitor:-

How this affected me and my future:
It’s almost unbelievable that I end up as an inmate for the crime which I don’t even intend to do in my life time. It’s absolutely affected my studies and dream to become a police officer. Since I ended up myself here, I just couldn’t imagine or no idea at all about how my future is going to be. At the sametime, now I’m oblivious about no matter what I shouldn’t believe anyone except for family members.

How this affected my family:
After got to know about my arrest, my father had a mild stroke. Honestly, words are insufficient to express about the excruciating pain that my family going thru without me at their side. It’s actually due to I’m the one and only son for my family and in this past 3 years of my remand period I don’t even had a chance to see my family member’s face at the visit room here. It’s due to their financial situation etc struggles!

What I think of the recruiters:
Those people are human beings with wild animals character. They simply putting innocent people’s lives in real danger just for the purpose of money. But at times, some recruiters also didn’t aware about for which actual work they recruiting people for their “Big Boss” which happens to be in my case. Because, The Big Boss of my recruiter only told him, it was gold smuggling job and my recruiter wasn’t aware about he’s been recruiting people for Drug Trafficking job until the moment I got caught. This kind of people who are relentless can escape from the court of Justice. But for surely, they can’t escape from the court of GOD!

A message for my family and friends:
My Dears please don’t worry about me and my case. The almighty God knew I’m innocent and I strongly believe that He will make a way for me. My one and only hope in life is that by the LORD’s grace I’ll found not guilty by the 7 juries in my trial, get my freedom back and back to you all to start up a new life with full of rosy thoughts. I just want to please you all that never ever give up or lose hope in anything; just believe 100% that I’ll come out by winning my case and it will become reality for sure!

What I miss most about home :-
The true love, care and concern of my DAD, MOM and SISTER who gave all their best for me all this while until now and without expecting anything in return from me. Honestly, I just want to hug three of them and cry out all my pains, anguisness and sorrows I encountered in the past 3 years behind the bars. Live all my life under their love, care and exhale my last breath by looking at their face is more than suffice for me!

A warning to other Malaysians:
Please be aware and careful of who you are trusting. Because, you’d have no idea on how the recruiter will approach you. Never ever travel to other countries by trusting on a stranger. Those recruiters only “attack” or take advantage if any person who are in need for money so badly or even appeared to be their own boyfriend, relations, friends cheating their own girlfriend, relations and friends. Some recruiters might tell you that even if you get caught at Hong Kong or other countries you only have to pay a fine or 2 years of imprisonment. Please don’t believe any of those stories because Drug Trafficking carries relentless sentence here. All the information I provide here are the true story of how of how other Malaysian who are in prison serving their sentence was tricked previously. Some of them have already been here for a decade and the way they write their mail for me surely reflects their remorse and regret for believing on others so blindly. Never find yourself in those painful excruciating circumstances.

I stopped here for now and hope to hear from you in real soon. If you wish to contact my family, I’ll provide their details at backpage. May God bless you always.

Simon, 25

Found with 2kg drugs strapped to his shoulders. He claims he was threatened and asked to comply.

4 January 2019

To: Father John

I, [Simon], prison ID 25 years old this year, married with two children, older son (5y/o), daughter (3y/o). I worked in a Chinese restaurant as a chef for 7 years. My wife is a housewife, she has no job, she looks after the kids at home. When I was 12, my mother passed away because she had a stroke due to high blood pressure. After 2 years, when I was 14, my father passed away because of lung infection. Since then, I lived with my three brothers and older sister. We lived in a poor condition but I have never complained. I learned to rely on myself.

Because I was young and I was new to the outside world, I tend to make a lot of friends, not knowing that they are a bad influence to me. I just wanted to earn more money and improve our family’s financial problem, but unfortunately, I chose the wrong path and I ended up making this huge mistake. Chinese New Year was around the corner so I figured that we would need a lot of money. I wanted my family to enjoy as much as they can, so I wanted to earn some extra cash to repay my wife for taking care of my children and also provide a proper environment for my kids to grow up.

At the beginning of November, 2017, I met a colleague, his name is A*****. He said he’ll introduce me a job, he told me he has done it before and he said he could earn millions. He asked me to try as it may help deal with my financial problem. If I agree to do this, someone would message me on WeChat.

After I agreed, there were a few people who added me on WeChat. The profile pictures and information on their WeChat accounts were fake, and they access different accounts to contact me and gave me instructions. I sent them a picture of my passport because they asked me to. On November 29, 2017, they ordered me to go to Kuala Lumpur. I waited for them in a hotel lobby for a long time and finally someone came and brought me up to a room. Then, I realised that there were some people who were almost my age waiting in the hotel lobby as well, so we went up together. They tied 8 packets of white powder on my body.

There were six of us in total, and we reached the airport an hour earlier. I did not recognise those people who were going with me, I thought they were guards to guide me to Hong Kong. I thought they were afraid of me running off and surrendering to the police, or that I will give up doing this mission. I was afraid that they would hurt my family so I had to proceed in doing this. Before we reached the Hong Kong airport, one of us was asked to be inspected by the guard, so we got separated. After I finished the documents for passing immigration, one of the guards caught me, he hit me and asked: “Why are you resisting!?” I said, “I’m not resisting, sir!”, they tackled me on the ground and said “We caught your friends, you’re the only one left!”

At that moment, I really had no idea what they were saying because I didn’t know those people they were referring as friends. Later when I was held captive, then I found out that those people were in the same situation as me and I had committed a crime in the ‘Dangerous Drugs Ordinance’.

When I was held captive, I was very terrified. I was afraid that I could never see my wife and children again. When I was held captive, my epilepsy seizures got worse, as I was so worried. Thanks God I met you, Father, you made me comfortable to tell you everything I had in mind. I pray that you’ll lead me to the right path and learn to change. I really regret being greedy and making this huge mistake all because of money, and also for involving my family and myself into this situation.

During the days in Lai Chi Kok Correctional Institution, I’m thankful that I get to join the church, as gave me a chance to surrender to God, with God leading me, a lost sheep to the path of light. I pray wholeheartedly every day for my wife and children to be safe, I pray that God will lead me to the right path, and I hope I will be able to reunite with my family again and live peacefully.

I, am willing to take responsibility for my wrongdoings and accept punishment for disobeying the law. I’m thankful for meeting Father John, for allowing me to express my feelings and thoughts. I feel much better now. I thank God that I have a chance to meet my wife and children again. Thank you, Father.

Wishing you all the best in your work and have a great life.


Arrested for smuggling 2.5kg amount of "ice", together with two other friends, hidden in bras that were given to them by the recruiters.


I, Jun, from Tai Lam Centre For Women (TLCW). I have received your letter on the 16/1/2019. I apologize if my replies are slow to reach you because I’m working here and I don’t have enough free time to write letters, except when it’s a holiday, then I have enough time to respond to the letters I receive from my friends and family in Malaysia. Thank you for protecting my private information and writing me letters. Over here, I would like to share my first ever experience with my friend and my twin (the three of us) who carried out this job without thinking of the consequences. Before that, I apologise if the grammar or words used are wrong or are difficult to understand because it’s been a long time since I last wrote a letter.

How we were recruited:
We weren’t familiar with the people who offered us the job and we only met (them) when we attended a friend’s birthday party. The name that we know is only a nickname that goes with A**.

Why we agreed to do so:
We needed the money so that we could solve our money problems such as personal loans, cars and other commitments that we have. So we continue with our intention to get money quickly.

Our journey from Malaysia to Hong Kong:
In terms of flight tickets and accommodation, it was all settled for us by our recruiters. We made our way to KLIA at around 4AM. We were given a bra that was filled but we didn’t have a look at what was in it because it had been closed neatly with sanitary pads, and it was tightly sealed. We didn’t know what was in it but we felt that it was unpermitted objects or materials. Right when we arrived in Hong Kong, there were people waiting for us at the airport to bring us to the hotel but we didn’t know who that person was.

The thing that scared us the most throughout the entire journey was that the three of us may be caught by immigration and our future would be ruined, and we would disappoint our families because we didn’t know what we were bringing.

How we were arrested:
When we arrived at Hong Kong airport at the immigration when we had to exit the gateway “Green Line”.

How we felt upon arrest:
Like our heart stopped and the feeling of fear started creeping on us. Anxiety and fear started stirring up in us.

The total and types of drugs that were discovered were drugs like “ice” and the total amount on all three of us was 2.5 kg, after it was analyzed by the Hong Kong immigration officers.

The status of our case is still in trial and no punishment has been sentenced yet. We do not know how long until we would be sentenced.

This event has traumatised us for life, and our future just disappeared in a blink of an eye. :(

This event also has affected our family, especially our mothers that gave birth to us as she is disappointed in us. But we are grateful because our family still accept us and believes in us fully.

Our view towards our recruiters: He or she may not have the purest intention. Maybe our recruiters have been victimised as well like us. For me, they are very intelligent in planning many things that we didn’t think of, such as our accommodation, job scope and other stuff.

The final words from me are a message to families and friends to appreciate yourself and your family as well as the people who love you. Spend more time to look after your friends around you. We only live once in this world, don’t waste time and your youth. The thing I miss most at home is playing with my beloved cat and spending time with my family. My message for the citizens of Malaysia specifically to teenagers/younger generation is don’t be too caught up with the treasures of the world as they are temporary. Money isn’t everything but love from family and the people you love the most are the most valuable things in our life. It’s no use crying over spilt milk. You can’t undo what you have done. That’s all from me on my first ever experience in carrying out such a job. There’s no point regretting as there’s nothing I can do about it. But this is the life that we need to go through and we have to be strong willed to continue living. I am grateful to God because I was arrested in Hong Kong, If I/us were caught in another country, we may no longer be here and wouldn’t get to meet our family and friends anymore.

Other than that, I am really grateful if you could give me a copy of a newspaper to me if you were to tell the story of us as citizens of Malaysia over here, under the custody of TLCW. It might help us in lessening our sentencing. Thank you for all your cooperation that you have given. I apologise if there are any sentences or words that I used that you may not understand or it’s wrong. Thank you all and that all from me.

Yours sincerely,


Amy, 30

Given female innerwear by a recruiter, who told her it held expensive items that needed to be transported that way. They turned out to be "ice".

My name is Amy, I come from Malaysia and I am 30 years old.

My purpose in writing this letter is to support this campaign advocated by R.AGE. I hope we can help prevent innocent people from becoming victims of unsympathetic criminals, and also reduce the occurrence of this crime.

Throughout my life, I have never been involved in any law-breaking activities, and this is my first time being imprisoned despite being innocent. The moment when I got caught in the airport, I felt that my world became dark and my life had come to an end. My future, which I have planned built has been destroyed in the blink of an eye. Maybe the mistake that I made is that I was too easy to fool and influence.

After I was questioned, I was brought to the police station before being sent to Tai Lam Centre For Women. I did not come here alone, but we were separated because the rules here do not allow us to be together except at the court.

We did not only suffer these consequences, but our family relations were also impacted. A child was separated from his loving mother, and the love and guidance that has been given all these while is gone in the blink of an eye. My commitment as a citizen, my responsibility as a human being and as a child was also taken away by that cunning criminal.

Everyday here, there is a mother who has no strength left and needs her children by her side to care for her before taking here last breath. Now we have become the victims of an accusation where we have no involvement in. We were being lied to by someone called “A**”.

We didn’t know each other so well, only through mutual friends, and she had cheated us while we didn’t realise that we were being cheated. She only requested us to bring “items” to Hong Kong and said that the “items” given are not dangerous but safe.

Honestly we are not drug addicts. We don’t even know the different types of drugs. A** gave us the “items” which were the female innerwear in the form of the bra and sanitary pad.

At the beginning, we felt that it was weird but she succeeded in convincing us by explaining that the items are very expensive and we needed to deliver it using this method. The contents inside felt like stones because she had already prepared all of it and we didn’t see the contents.

After a four-hour flight, we arrived at Hong Kong. Security guards in Customs wanted to check us and we allowed him to. After checking, we were asked to go through a personal examination, and we were brought to a room to be further examined.

They asked what were the contents inside the bras and sanitary pads. We answered that we don’t know, and Customs ran test on the “items”.

After the examination, they found out that “items” were drugs and it was called “ice”. We couldn’t speak and became weak. We lost everything in athen blink of an eye, and our mothers and fathers were the only things in our mind.

Therefore, we would like to advise the public to be careful of cunning criminals because they are still out there. And to all parents, monitor your children’s activities so that they won’t be victims. Let’s fight against this problem from happening again, and we should become more intelligent than them.

If we could go back in time, we would reject the request from A** and spend our time with our lovely family. I hope that my little bit of sharing can help give a lesson to the public to become more careful in all aspects because these cunning criminals will try their best to find ways to be free and find more victims.